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Who we are?

UTO DAL MARE is a group of enthusiasts and lovers of nature and extreme sports who, in addition to their work, spend all their free time in nature. It is the group that brings professionals in the various branches of extreme sports. We spend our free time traveling around the world where we, except of competing in various sports, learn about adventure offers and tourism offered by various cities. We are not satisfied with mediocrity, so we invest time everyday in new knowledge and skills, so that we give our clients an unforgettable excursion that will last forever in their memories.

Adventure Tours

Canyoning takes place on the river Cetina, which is 105 km long and stretches from Vrlika village, where it rises from underground to the town of Omiš where it flows into the Adriatic Sea.

8+ 3.30 - 4.30 h Amazing

If you are looking for a bit more excitement and adventure on your vacation, extreme canyoning is the right choice for you. It is the best and most beautiful excursion you can currently try in Croatia.

8+ 3.30 - 4.30 h Exciting

While you’re living it up on your holiday in Croatia why not join us for a day. Let us take you on a tour of pure relaxation, but full of fun and excitement. What a better way to discover amazing scenery of the river Cetina.

5+ by agreement Adventurous relaxation

To experience closeness of the sky, defying contemporary life, to walk and wait, to warm a cold soul and cool the hot blood, dying in front of the beauty and live in a destructive power, to be alone...

12+ by agreement Amazing

Why active tourism?

When you think of the words “active vacation” you are probably thinking of some demanding hiking tours, camping away from civilization, with focusing on sport and adrenaline activity, is a flexible concept that everyone can adapt to their wishes and needs.

People are becoming more aware of their health, so those who are eager to travel are looking for vacation destinations that will be a combination of some of their most important items: physical activity, enjoying in glorious food and beautiful scenery.

Due to the mild Mediterranean climate and geographic relief, Split-Dalmatia county is an ideal place where you can taste in various activities suitable for all ages and wishes.

On river Cetina you can try in rafting, canyoning, kayaking, zip line.

Dalmatian relief enables us to connect the sea and the mountains, so you have option to hike to local mountains, climb the sporty directions, bicycle, and if that is not enough, you can also try in paragliding.

For those who still love firm ground under their feet, Dalmatia offers beautiful beaches spread for miles along the coast, magical river canyons and historic sights of our cities.

With this diverse offer, everybody will definitely find something for themself and will aquire magnificent holiday memories that you will take home with you.

Want a special offer?

If you want to organize a team building or simple gathering, we have everything you need – a top quality location, friendly and helpful guides, high motivation and experience that will provide the ultimate experience.

Specializing in organization of some of the most exciting one-day activities. Making sure you have the time of your life while showing you the most breathtaking parts of the nature.